Google Analytics und AdSense zum Rankingfaktor Ladezeit

Auch in den offiziellen Blogs zu Google Analytics und Google AdSense macht man sich Gedanken zur Reduzierung von Ladezeiten:

With this announcement, we wanted to remind you about Google Analytics asynchronous tracking. The asynchronous tracking code has a faster load time and can improve site speed, especially on rich-media or script-heavy pages.

AdSense-Anzeigen sollen auch schneller von Google ausgeliefert werden — irgendwann mal:

AdSense is built to load ads quickly so there’s no need to change your AdSense setup. Even so, we are working to speed up our ads products further. In addition, […] some suggestions of things you can do on your side, like enabling compression for your site, enabling caching of images, JavaScript, and CSS, and minimizing the size of your JavaScript withClosure Tools.

Mehr Infos: