Google-Statement zu Kommentar-Spam in Blogs

Im Webmaster Central Blog gibt Google ein unmissverständliches Statement zum Thema Kommentar-Spam in Blogs:

Abusing comment fields of innocent sites is a bad and risky way of getting links to your site. If you choose to do so, you are tarnishing other people’s hard work and lowering the quality of the web, transforming a potentially good resource of additional information into a list of nonsense keywords.

Um Ranking und Besucherzahlen zu verbessern, sollte man lieber andere Wege gehen:

Having original and useful content and making your site search engine friendly is the best strategy for better ranking. With an appealing site, you’ll be recognized by the web community as a reliable source and links to your site will build naturally.

Mehr zum Thema im GWC-Blog: Hard facts about comment spam

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